Custom Batch Oven with Load Car

LEWCO, Inc. recently delivered a 500 F. electric batch oven to a large multi-national industrial customer. The oven is used for precise pre-heating motor components, some weighing up to 8500 lbs., as part of a shrink fit assembly procedure.

Composite Curing Oven

When an aerospace research facility needed a way to cure composite materials while forming a uniform thickness around a cylindrical part, they turned to no other than LEWCO. With a little ingenuity and creativity, LEWCO engineers had the perfect solution by designing a custom curing oven with a rotisserie cart and spline drive.

Automatic Load Heat Treat Cell

When customers need a custom application, LEWCO’s team of engineers has the solution. Shown is a 1,600 deg. F. titanium heat treat cell. The cell features an automatic rack loader, which transfers the product to three various parts of the cell. In the last phase of the cell’s operation, the rack loader transports the product …